Episode 101: Intentional MONOtasking

July 9, 2018

I have approximately one million things on my heart that I’m excited to do 😉 but I know the smartest way to get there is by intentional strategy & not just mind-numbing hard labor! We all like to think we’re able to do a bunch of tasks at once, but truly we are mono-taskers; our minds can only stay focused on one thing at a time. That’s why it’s SO important to make sure we’re focusing on the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order! Let’s achieve our dreams efficiently, people! Set up your daily tasks to reflect & advance your long term goals! Stop & evaluate on the way to make the smart progress you’re longing for!


Episode 100: Keepers of the Culture

July 2, 2018

We each have a responsibility to set the culture around us. Rules are great, but not when they undermine our efforts towards the people we intend intended to serve. We have to always keep the end game in mind & work to set an atmosphere of kindness that benefits others & reflects our hearts. Empower the ones around you to make a good call in the moment of decision it will ultimately create the culture you are going for!


Episode 099: Day One

June 25, 2018

Everything has a “day one.” Everything, no matter how big, has started small. In my heart I have visions to reach millions of people, but I’ll never get there if I don’t focus on reaching one person first. Dreams become reality by focusing each day on the little things & over time those small acts of obedience add up to become something beautiful! So whether this is day one or day 27,001 for you, I’m so glad to be in it together!


Episode 098: Don’t Force It

June 18, 2018

It’s so much easier when we let relationships happen naturally rather than force them. When it’s not coming organically, it’s a good indicator to not pursue it. The wrong relationships can distract us from the ones we’re supposed to have — the ones flowing with health and life.


Episode 097: Think Yourself Happy

June 11, 2018

Choose to come at things from a positive angle! It makes you more fun to be around & it truly allows you to feel happier! It’s easy to be the person that brings the conversation down but no one wants to be that person haha! Fight for your lightheartedness & your whole life will follow!


Episode 096: You Set the Tone

June 4, 2018

Fighting to stay peaceful in your environment helps everyone else to have fun around you. As the leader, you establish how things are going to be. If you’re stressed, everyone will be stressed. If you’re restful, then everyone else can relax.  Whatever is going on around you, KEEP YOUR JOY!!!


Episode 095: Stop Obsessing on Yourselfie

May 28, 2018

1. NEWS FLASH ⚡️ We’re all a little bit weird! But that’s no reason to throw someone away.


2.Stop obsessing on your selfie. The more I think about myself the more narrow my worldview becomes. When I open up & think about other people I feel so much more in tune with reality. 


3. WAKE UP! Don’t allow yourself to become numbed out by the comfort of your daily grind routine. Make sure that you are sowing, watering & nurturing the seeds that you want to grow in your life! Be willing to change. 


Episode 094: How I Overcome Paralyzing Pressure

May 21, 2018

Ideal circumstances are hard to find. Anticipating unexpected barriers to pop up between us & our goals & refusing the momentary comfort of procrastination can circumvent anxiety. It can be tempting to stay under the covers when the weight of responsibilities start to stack up on top of us. Instead of getting caught up in emotion, let’s look at practical ways to breakdown big projects into small checkmarks so that we can build momentum.


Episode 093: Thank Your Agitators

May 14, 2018

The people who have agitated me the most have actually caused the most growth in my life. Those weird, awkward, terrible moments can bear the best fruit if we choose to overcome. I am grateful for those people who end up forcing me to mature & operate as a better version of myself even though it’s VERY uncomfortable sometimes. I also know I’ve been the one to irritate others to grow as well haha. Let’s keep fighting to be better!


Episode 092: Am I Digging in the Right Direction?

May 7, 2018

Sometimes I wake up exhausted & don’t even know what made me so tired. I am finally learning to ask myself: is this what I want to spend my ONE life on? Of course we all have to do things we don’t want to & there is a way to do them with more efficiency. But there are also unnecessary things that will fill our days if we don’t intentionally plan. In order to properly strategize our lives, we have to stop & be quiet. It isn’t easy to turn off all the noise & distraction, but it’s WORTH it to get us where we want to go!