Episode 081: Help Me, I’m Cranky! Haha

February 19, 2018

What actually determines our mood? Genetics? Circumstances? Food? Conflict resolution skills? This week we talk about the combination of all of the above & how we can work to improve how we feel. So many components are factored in to the filter we see the world through. Let’s start to dive under the surface to have better days & ultimately a more positive life.


Episode 080: Be Coachable : The Reward is Worth the Pain

February 12, 2018

Every successful athlete has a coach. Most business minds feast on constant tips & tricks on how to improve. How much more should we surround ourselves with help for our LIVES!


Episode 079: Fear

February 5, 2018

Fear is something I’ve had to face off with my whole life, but I believe navigating our fear is what has the potential to bring true success. All of us deal with it to some degree, & I am happy to talk about my process of facing off with the inner battle & entering into the things we are designed to do! Those deeper assignments are worth getting to the bottom of FEAR!


Episode 078: Rock Your Season

January 29, 2018

Whatever is going on, wherever you’re at, whatever the dynamics are around you, there’s a reason for the season you’re in. Our lives aren’t about always trying to get to another place or to have someone else’s life, it’s about learning to be content with where we are! Every stage has great things as well as hardships, so learning to relax & have fun where we are truly leads to a satisfaction that is unshakable.


Episode 077: What Is in Your CORE Is What You Revert to in Crisis

January 22, 2018

One thing I’ve been observing lately is my autopilot. When I am fighting for myself & at my worst what are the weird behaviors that I fall into? The stuff that is deep down at the base of who I am. A lot of that comes from a mindset I picked up or a belief I decided to agree with along the way. Now I’m focusing on truly examining what I believe about myself & the world around me so when I’m at my worst I’m still operating from a good place.


Episode 076: Check Your Motives

January 15, 2018

I’ve learned to stop & identify the motives behind my choices. Why am I posting this, saying that, wearing this, giving that, etc. Truly searching for the heart has helped me gauge my decisions. I’ve also learned to build boundaries & not try to be the hero in every situation. Instead I work to be led by that gut instinct where I’m doing the right things based on the right intentions. Saying NO to the wrong things is saying yes to the right things! Now I’ve learned to pull back & focus on the things I’m SUPPOSED to do. 


Episode 075: Lift People Up

January 8, 2018

I heard that people don’t care what you say as much as they are impacted by the way you make them feel. In my own life, I’ve found there is so much truth to that! Words are important, but we also must consider the bigger picture of how our lives are truly impacting others.


Episode 074: Choose Your Battles

January 1, 2018

It’s easier now than ever before to voice our opinions on every issue & let ourselves get emotionally involved in battles that aren’t even our own. I’m constantly noticing people who are so invested in “winning” every fight, when in reality the fight doesn’t really matter to them all that much. Winning is about being in unity & harmony with those around us. Choosing our battles wisely helps us keep that perspective in check AND helps save our voice for the things that matter most to us.


Episode 073: Stay Curious

December 25, 2017

If we aren’t careful, we can become overly-familiar with other people, ourselves & even the world around us. When we become used to something, we starve it of value & lose sight of how important it is. Let’s work to be conscious of this & fight against it! Anything in our lives can give us inspiration if we let it.


Episode 072: The BIG Picture

December 18, 2017

No matter how old you are, what level of success you have reached, regardless of your personality  – someone is following you! This blows my mind. Somebody said to me years ago: be careful what you say because people are listening. Let’s remember to take care of ourselves so that when we show up, we have something to offer. Staying inspired & rested helps us to lead from a better vantage point than when we are exhausted. So, whatever it is that you’re working to accomplish, first pull back, recharge, stay up to date on your big picture goals & then show up & give it all you’ve got!