Episode 094: How I Overcome Paralyzing Pressure

May 21, 2018

Ideal circumstances are hard to find. Anticipating unexpected barriers to pop up between us & our goals & refusing the momentary comfort of procrastination can circumvent anxiety. It can be tempting to stay under the covers when the weight of responsibilities start to stack up on top of us. Instead of getting caught up in emotion, let’s look at practical ways to breakdown big projects into small checkmarks so that we can build momentum.


Episode 093: Thank Your Agitators

May 14, 2018

The people who have agitated me the most have actually caused the most growth in my life. Those weird, awkward, terrible moments can bear the best fruit if we choose to overcome. I am grateful for those people who end up forcing me to mature & operate as a better version of myself even though it’s VERY uncomfortable sometimes. I also know I’ve been the one to irritate others to grow as well haha. Let’s keep fighting to be better!


Episode 092: Am I Digging in the Right Direction?

May 7, 2018

Sometimes I wake up exhausted & don’t even know what made me so tired. I am finally learning to ask myself: is this what I want to spend my ONE life on? Of course we all have to do things we don’t want to & there is a way to do them with more efficiency. But there are also unnecessary things that will fill our days if we don’t intentionally plan. In order to properly strategize our lives, we have to stop & be quiet. It isn’t easy to turn off all the noise & distraction, but it’s WORTH it to get us where we want to go!


Episode 091: Relationships: Let’s Get Past the Surface

April 30, 2018

Being known by someone is a great feeling. It can also be terrifying to be that vulnerable! But if people don’t have access to hurt you, they also don’t have access to love you. I’ve had seasons in my life where I’ve protected myself because I was afraid of getting hurt. But I’ve learned that it’s so special to have someone truly know who you are & what is going on in your heart. It’s worth the effort.


Episode 090: Step By Step

April 23, 2018

I am a dreamer by nature, but in life I’ve learned how to be a doer and to support my own vision with action! It’s easy to be overwhelmed at first but I’ve figured out that as you break it all down with daily tasks, your weeks and months get you closer to your goals! As we conquer the little things that stand in our way each day, eventually that leads us to where we see ourselves heading.


Episode 089: There’s Room for More Roses: Let People Around You Grow

April 16, 2018

Allowing people to step into leadership & increase their capacity is necessary to grow the lives around you. This can be a painful process for people who like control, who are micromanagers, or are creatives. It’s also annoying when it’s so much faster to do things yourself. But it is such a joy to watch people grow! I’ve learned as a leader that I am only as good as my team. One of the greatest things we can offer is to create opportunities for people to have a meaningful contribution & to see their hand in building whatever it is that we are working on. There are lots of ways to arrive at the same destination. As we stop micromanaging & start allowing other people to add their part, we end up with a brand new unique set of skills & perspective only they have to offer! Make room in your life for other people to be great!


Episode 088: Plotting Your Comeback

April 9, 2018

The first step to getting yourself out of a funk & back on track is visualizing it. If you can see it, you can be it! We all get knocked around, but the speed of your recovery determines so much of your success. A lot of people don’t fight for themselves because it’s too hard. That’s an understandable problem, but if you are determined in your heart & start following that up with action, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! A comeback takes belief, strategy & effort but it’s yours for the taking! Let’s do it today!


Episode 087: It’s a Progress Party

April 2, 2018

I choose to make everything a party -- especially facing off with progressing! It's hard enough as it is, might as well make it as enjoyable as possible! What happens when we decide to go for “it” & take the giant leap into the project we’ve been avoiding so we can enter into next part of our lives? I open the door to walk into my progress party & who is there to greet me -- fear, excitement, inspiration, guilt & boredom! They are all participants when we say yes to taking on the next mountain of our lives. I’ve found that in the midst of advancement, fear is a constant companion (in the worst way), inspiration comes & goes & haters like to lurk in the corners feasting on your failure. Do it anyway!


Episode 086: Get Healthy Before You HAVE To!

March 26, 2018

You’d think when we are born that we’d come with an owner’s manual. Humans are this rare & beautiful work of art: part DNA, programmed by our genetic pool & part learned behaviors. Taking care of ourselves seems to be a skill that is rarely taught, hardly caught & usually only comes when we start breaking down. We are responsible for the lives attached to us, so I am challenging you to take your health into your own hands! Be your own advocate. Fight for yourself! Go to the doctor. Keep hunting until you find the right people to get you in the best position with your health! Do it now! You are worth it! Face off with it. It will ultimately give you peace of mind!!! Don’t be like me & SORT OF do it until you have to do it! You are of high value! Lives are connected to you if you know it or not!


Episode 085: Part Two: Bitterness or Breakthrough

March 19, 2018

It’s so important that we guard our hearts. Things like forgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, fear & strife are all tough to deal with, but they are all crucial issues of the heart. We have to do the hard work of fighting through these in secret so that in public, when you see that person who hurt you or your hear that certain name come up, you can be genuine & smile & really love people without cringing with the reminder of the pain they caused you. We have to keep fighting for ourselves to be clean in the heart because no one can do it for us!